It’s not just clubs participating in dangerous or extreme sports that require sports injury insurance. Normal sporting activities such as football, cricket, rugby and tennis all entail risks of their own; in fact, because these are not considered ‘extreme’ sports, risk prevention measures are often not as stringent.

Negligence and personal injury claims are not the only causes for concern. Sporting equipment can be expensive to replace if stolen or vandalised, and club houses are vulnerable to the elements just like any other building. Damaged buildings will not only incur costs through repairs, but could lose revenue while closed to the public.

At Sheppard Insurance Brokers, we have access to insurers providing specialist sports insurance policies with excellent coverage and a wide range of features, such as:

  • Third-party public liability insurance
  • Member to member liability for most sports
  • Professional indemnity cover for qualified coaches
  • Insurance for clubhouses and their contents
  • Sports equipment insurance

Team injury insurance can also be included if needed. This provides a weekly benefit following injury to team members or a capital sum for specified injuries.

Sheppard Insurance Brokers can help you find a sport insurance policy that meets your club’s requirements and budget. Get in touch for professional, unbiased advice from our experienced team.