Though it’s important for businesses to insure their property and staff, it’s also vital that individuals have the right cover in place to keep them protected. This is particularly important for professionals and company directors which is why we arrange tailored professional indemnity and directors & officers insurance for a wide variety of clients.

If you work in a profession where you charge others for your advice or services, professional indemnity insurance is a must. Whether you work as an accountant, a surveyor, an architect, an advertising agent, a software developer, or something else entirely, you can be held accountable for a mistake in your work, or any actions which result in an accident or a loss of money.

Likewise, the directors and officers of a company can be held personally liable for their actions and the actions of their company. This means that if your firm is found to be in breach of regulation, or if errors and omissions result in a loss to the company and shareholders decide to take action against you, you will be able to fund your defence and settlement costs without exhausting your personal finances.

To arrange a professional indemnity or directors & officers insurance policy that’s tailored to you, simply get in touch with Sheppard Insurance Brokers today. We’ve been specialists in professional indemnity insurance for over 50 years and continue to provide independent insurance advice to professionals and company directors.