By its very nature, martial arts entails a great number of risks. Imagine you have your back turned to the class while helping one student to perfect a technique, and a new student carries it out without your say, injuring themselves as a result.

The consequences of this could be damaging to the club at best. Negligence and personal injury claims pose a large threat to sports clubs and societies, especially martial arts clubs for obvious reasons.

H A Sheppard has been arranging insurance for martial arts clubs and instructors for many years, giving us a real understanding of the risks associated with such sports. We can arrange cover for most disciplines, with features that can include:

  • Martial arts instructor insurance including professional indemnity risks
  • Martial arts club insurance
  • Martial arts liability insurance

Whether you’re a private tai chi instructor or you own a karate club, contact Sheppard Insurance Brokers to make sure you’re covered for the type of training you’re giving and for the members of the public you are teaching.