Accommodating members of the public naturally invites certain legal concerns as you are responsible for a number of problems that they might run into while staying with you. In turn, providing your property for public use leaves it open to abuse, both accidental and intentional, and that’s before you factor in things like the provisions of food, the employment of numerous members of staff and the fact that guests are leaving their belongings on your property.

At Sheppard Insurance, we can help by arranging hospitality insurance to help protect the needs of hotels, guesthouses, pubs, B&Bs and more. Cover can be tailored to the unique needs of your business but a typical policy can include cover for:

  • Buildings, trade contents and stock
  • Employers’ liability
  • Public and products liability
  • Guests’ belongings
  • Frozen food
  • Loss of license

Accidents usually happen when you least expect them but with the right insurance in place, you can be prepared at all times.