Household Insurance

household insurance

Household Insurance

Our homes, no matter how secure they might make us feel, are often more vulnerable than you might think. Though we cannot prevent the damage that a storm could do to your home, or a thief from breaking in and stealing your most precious possession, we can provide a household insurance that can cover your home and contents in these situations and more.

Our professional insurance brokers can even provide cover for more specialist properties such as holiday homes, let properties and properties of ‘non-standard’ construction. A typical home insurance policy arranged by Sheppard Insurance can cover your buildings and contents for:

  • Fire, lightning and explosion
  • Storm and tempest
  • Flood
  • Theft and malicious damage

In addition, extra covers such as accidental damage and personal possessions cover for items like phones and cameras while they are away from your home can also be arranged to make sure that no matter your needs, your home and belongings will have the protection they need.

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