High Net Worth & Listed Buildings Insurance

high net worth & listed buildings insurance

High Net Worth & Listed Buildings Insurance

It is a common misconception that when it comes to household insurance, one size fits all. However, if you have a higher value home and possessions, or a more unusual home such a listed building, a standard policy is unlikely to provide you with adequate cover and all-too-often this is something that is only discovered when it is too late. Luckily, there is a solution.

At Sheppard Insurance, we can provide high net worth insurance and listed buildings insurance policies that are designed specifically around the needs of your property, land and possessions. We have firsthand experience of this as our own office is a Grade 2 listed building. Cover is available to protect your assets against damage caused by a wide range of risks including fire, lightning, explosion, storms, flooding, theft and malicious damage. A typical policy can include over for:

  • High value buildings & contents
  • Listed buildings
  • Collections including jewellery, silver, antiques and fine art
  • Worldwide personal possessions cover
  • Legal protection

These covers and more may be assembled in a way that ensures you, your home and your belongings remain protected in the way you would hope. 

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